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January 08, 2004  |  New MSN  |  3198 hit(s)

MSN rolled out a new look today, which we'll undoubtedly hear about a lot. I use MSN as a home page, so I'm mildly interested in seeing what their redesign is like. I also use Hotmail as an email address for (e.g.) product registrations and other spam magnets.

I noticed recently, long before this rollout, that the spam filtering in Hotmail had gotten substantially better. It used to be that if I didn't look at Hotmail for a couple of weeks, my email capacity would have been entirely filled with junk. In the last little while, though, the volume of spam has gone way, way down. I won't got so far as to say that they made Hotmail a pleasant way to do email, but it no longer seems to be the disaster that it had become over the last few years. Dunno, maybe it's an anomaly.