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February 01, 2021  |  Ukulele: Estudio No. 1  |  4858 hit(s)

I've been working from the book Graded Repertoire for Classical Ukulele with arrangements by Jeff Peterson. I'm plugging away at learning to translate written music to ukulele strings and learning some basic techniques from classical guitar as applied to the ukulele.

Update I decided to make a single blog entry that tracks these recordings. (The link to this recording is repeated there.)

I could practice the same pieces forever, probably. So I thought I'd finish them as you do when you take piano lessons: perform them. In my case, I thought I'd record the pieces I really liked, and then declare myself done with those pieces. This is my first effort, "Estudio No. 1" by Dionisio Aguado (1784-1849), arranged for uke, as noted, by Jeff Peterson. This is the 4th piece in Grade 1 (of 8), and has been my favorite so far.

Estudio No. 1

Jim Glass   24 Apr 21 - 8:37 AM

When I was working with the God child of my sister on UKE I created this project which I loved. You might enjoy it too? https://biskey7.wordpress.com/2016/06/09/summer-uke-project-take-one/

mike   24 Apr 21 - 9:34 AM

Interesting, thanks!