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March 14, 2012  |  Full list of new features for ASP.NET Web Pages v2 Beta  |  8736 hit(s)

Ok, we've now got a list of the new features for ASP.NET Web Pages v2 posted. Here's a list of the stuff that's been added since the December 2011 preview, as recounted in the updated Top Features doc:
  • Conditional attributes. Described earlier.

  • Validation.GetHtml has been changed to Validation.For. This method renders the goo that's used to hook client-side validation. See earlier.

  • The ~ operator is now recognized in HTML markup, so you don't need to use Href any more to resolve it. See earlier. I think this is my favorite feature, actually, even tho some might consider it comparatively small, dunno.

  • The Scripts helper was renamed to Assets (aka the Assets Manager), and the method names were tweaked. If you were using Scripts to register scripts or .css files, you have to change those references.
The rest of the doc describes the features that are new in v2 generally, starting in the December preview. If you installed that preview, then you'll know all about those. :-)