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June 10, 2009  |  One reason I haven't gotten a Kindle  |  8631 hit(s)

I like the idea of e-book readers. But economically it isn't making sense to me.

Seth   10 Jun 09 - 2:01 PM

With all due respect, my understanding is that the Kindle is targeting the bestsellers market, not the techie-nerd market.

Again, with all due respect... :)

MichaelB   10 Jun 09 - 4:08 PM

I agree with Seth that the device is targetting best-sellers, but more importantly it does not adequately represent books that need to be formatted. There's probably an SDK somewhere (as there is for other e-readers), but I don't see more than three or four formatting options, and that's tough to represent graphs, tables, whatever.

I bought a techie book on ISA Server (paying just a little less than the hardback version), and although I can read it, it has been unsatisfying for formatting reasons.

I wonder what the DX version will be able to offer in formatting options. After all, won't all Kindle texts have to be readable in all Kindles?