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January 06, 2009  |  Roundup  |  9333 hit(s)

What kind of person uses a computer to generate their cover letter? At night?

4 Types of Person (a guide to stupidity) Odds are that you're not a Mr. Spock.

The Sky in Motion. Beautiful time-lapse movies of the night sky. [via Friend Steve]

Resolution Randomizer. Let the computer make your resolutions. The text is ok, but the graphics are great. (Requires Silverlight.) [via Brad Abrams]

Cover Letters from Hell. Killian & Company posts excerpts from some of the worst cover letters they've gotten. They observe: "An error-free letter is now so freakin' rare that the minimal care required to send a letter with zero defects, combined with a few crisply written simple declarative sentences, will, alone, guarantee a respectful reading of a résumé." [via Fritinancy]

Brian MacDonald   07 Jan 09 - 5:50 AM

I notice that cover letters site endorses Strunk & White.

mike   07 Jan 09 - 9:22 AM

Indeed, another enthusiastic endorsement. I wonder hwo reading S&W would help the people whose letters are represented in the selection. :-)