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November 26, 2008  |  Roundup  |  11505 hit(s)

Getting toward gift-giving season. Let the crass ads begin ...

Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas, aka make your own Pollock. Just move the mouse around and click. [via Daughter Sabrina]

Microsoft's SideSight: Something Apple Should Watch. Taking the touch screen virtual, for (e.g.) devices that don't have enough actual screen space.

Hamlet (Facebook News Feed Edition). Sample: "Hamlet and the queen are no longer friends." The original is on McSweeney's; Angela Liao has created an image of what the Facebook page would look like:

[via Son Zack]

My First Rifle. Crickett .22 rifles. Perhaps your young one wants the Model 221 in pink.[1] It's probably a pretty good idea for the company to add the tag line "Not a toy." (This ain't no Red Ryder carbine-action range model air rifle, kid[2].)

[via Colleague David]

[1] For the record, I have no issue with (responsible) gun ownership. I learned to shoot a .22 as a youngster (one much like the Crickett); my instruction included an NRA safety course which, I have to say, was quite good. It taught, and I retain 40+ years later, a healthy respect for the dangers of carelessly handled firearms.

[2] If you have never read Jean Shepherd, you must. He is (was) the Garrison Keillor of Indiana, a decade earlier.