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November 26, 2008  |  Versus interruptus  |  9463 hit(s)

Some pre-holiday tomfoolery. In an email, Sabrina noted that a friend of hers had written the following:
A paradoxically self-referential Haiku

Or maybe it's self-referentially paradoxical?

Seven syllables?
Not for me, thank you;
I'll just stick with five.
Haha. I liked this so much that I decided I wanted to do this, too, and I came up with the following:

There once was a lim'rick (so-called)
That started but then it got stalled
Five lines? What a chore
This one had four

Ok, your turn ...

Mark Gunnion   06 Dec 08 - 9:55 AM


I come to you today via my good friend and fellow namer Nancy Friedman at Fritinancy ( http://nancyfriedman.typepad.com/ ).

She wrote about your lovely Versus Interruptus game. Finally, a writing game I have an entry for!

I am a full-time namer. Yes, oddly, enough, the unit of language I usually deal with, every hour of my working day, is between four and ten letters in length.

I have long explained the process by which I became a full-time freelance namer, lo these 13 years ago now, with a brief, autobiographical poem which I have entitled

A Brief, Autobiographical Poem Explaining Why I Am a Namer
By Mark Gunnion:

Haiku takes so long
My attention span is short.

I am very grateful to have finally found the right outlet for this epic tome, which has weighed heavily on my mind for years, as I tried to imagine some possible cocktail party conversation where it might be deployed. Thanks!

Mark Gunnion

mike   06 Dec 08 - 11:41 AM

@Mark -- Welcome! I am pleased to have helped as midwife, so to speak, for this work that has been so long a-borning. And what a magnificent piece. As they say (or was it those other guys?), "The longer it takes for you to write a poem."

michael covarrubias   06 Dec 08 - 3:56 PM

my rhythm is impeccable
I don't know how to rhyme
I work with iambs carefully
but not always

jerry   07 Dec 08 - 10:21 AM

This new kind of Limerick distortion
Might rankle the foes of abortion.
Is the Limerick alive
While lacking Line Five?

Will Braden   14 Jan 09 - 8:48 PM

a haiku has rules
syllabic requirements
at least that's what we've been made to believe for all these years