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November 18, 2008  |  The dad-in-law ... again  |  7645 hit(s)

Earlier this year, the Seattle P-I ran a piece about doctors who do housecalls. The featured patient was John Devine, my father-in-law. We found this amusing because John has a knack for attention.

Case in point. KING 5, one of our local TV stations, picked up the story and they sent a reporter to go tag along with Sarah Babineau as she made her rounds. The story aired today. And which patient was featured? Correct:

And this is exactly what you'd expect him to say:
If it weren't for Babineau, Devine wouldn't see a doctor as much as he should because he likes to stay right where he is.

"I specialize in inactivity," said Devine.
Once a ham, always a ham, I guess. :-)