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August 09, 2008  |  College daze  |  8152 hit(s)

Last week, Sarah was accepted into a graduate program to become a nurse practitioner. She took two classes (one after the other) this summer to fulfill a couple of requirements, which gave her -- actually, all of us -- an idea of what Sarah's schoolwork will be like for the next three years. A good sign was that she loved being back in school, and that the workload, while certainly intense, was not overwhelming, yay.

Of course, we already have a couple of college kids around here. I was talking to a colleague at work whose daughter was about to enter college, and whose son is a couple of years behind her. "Two at once!" he noted, which got me thinking. We have three at once at the moment, plus two more in the wings. Out of curiosity I charted out what us-and-college looked like for the foreseeable future. Here's a picture:

Interesting, eh? We get one year off between now (actually, between three years ago, when Zack started) and the year 2020. With, as you can see, some overlap. And this assumes that Zack does only one year of grad school, and Sabrina none, and that Sarah's girls go straight through four years of undergrad. And that I don't decide at some point in the next 12 years to enter a program.

Dang. Good thing that we're all in favor of higher-educatin' around here, coz obviously we're going to be involved in it for some time to come.

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