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July 30, 2008  |  Roundup  |  9159 hit(s)

A science and technology episode, sort of.

Worst Car of the Millenium. As voted by fans of NPR's "Car Talk." Sample comment (Renault Dauphine): "Truly unencumbered by the engineering process."

The Jetpack: From Comics to a Liftoff in the Yard. Someone might finally have cracked the elusive personal jetpack. (Not counting Yves Rossi.) [via Sarah]

FiveThirtyEight. A site/blog that applies statistics to politics, apparently (?) non-partisan. What makes this seem credible is that it's run by a fellow who built his reputation among the most insatiable and the least-forgiving consumers of statistics: baseball fans. [via Colleague Michael. No, not that one ... the other Michael. No, not that one either.]

Anyone Can Make a Font. FontStruct: Flash-based tool for creating your own font. Unbelievably clever. Tedious, tho (hey, a font has lotsa letterforms). And it turns out that having Flash-based tools does not make one a more talented font designer than having a chisel, say. Alas. Perhaps you'll produce something less lame than I did. In fact, I pretty much guarantee it. [via ... I forget, sorry.]

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