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January 26, 2008  |  Roundup  |  8343 hit(s)

It's Roundup (Mostly) Lite today, I guess.

Secret to Success. A short, clear list. I think the sticking point is that the list includes items that often require fundamental changes in thinking. Incidentally, the TED talks are great if you're inclined to watch a lecture on your monitor.

The sheep he rode his cattle back. A little homophonic fun has been sitting there in Windows in front of us all this time.

secretGeek's guide to selecting a cartoon to suit your chosen IT career. If you thought that only "Dilbert" is about working in the world of technology, here's a catalog for you, expertly matched to your job description by Leon Bambrick.

Dewey Decimal System Game. Bet you never thought you'd shelve books against the clock, eh? (Flash required.) I can't tell whether the cheesy music is, you know, intended ironically. [via Colleague Bruce]