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June 18, 2007  |  Roundup  |  4960 hit(s)

Happy belated Father's Day to me.

Flight patterns. Beautful. "Data from the U.S. Federal Aviation Adminisrtation is used to create animations of flight traffic patterns and density." (Quicktime version) [via Kent Sharkey]

Bad Names. Smells like bad design spirit. Eric Lippert cleans up a lot of "crufty old code" in the .NET C# compiler and comes up with a list of function names that "smell bad" and "which could use some serious thought." Do you have any functions with these names?

The existential angst of Ichiro. A collection of quotations from Ichiro [Suzuki] of the Seattle Mariners. Sample: On how to break out of a slump: "If I'm in a slump, I ask myself for advice." [via Seattlest]

How to Clean Up a Windows Spyware Infestation. Jeff Atwood shows you (in pictures!) tools and techniques for removing spyware, including the nasty kind that keeps coming back.

Congressional hearing: tense and moody. Colleague David links to Jon Carroll, essayist for the San Francisco Chronicle, who today is delighted that the term hortatory subjunctive showed up in Congressional testimony. Synchronicity: this term has shown up twice today -- the current AWADmail sent out by Anu Garg sends contains a note from reader Victor Lund who says about the word dehort: "Dehort brings back memories of classes in classical Greek. After a few months, one learns that sentences such as Let's go! in Greek are formed with a grammatical construction known as the hortatory subjunctive, meaning, of or pertaining to exhortation." Dang, it's Greek grammar day around here!