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March 14, 2006  |  "Express" yourself  |  8319 hit(s)

The marketing folks at work have thunk up a contest to encourage inventive ways to use the Visual Studio/SQL Server Express Edition products:

Made in Express Contest
Do you like to use technology to build cool and useful stuff? Do you think you could do it with Visual Studio Express and/or SQL Server Express? Would you like $10,000 cash? Well then we have a contest for you! Learn more at www.MadeInExpressContest.com.

$10,000, dang. :-)

Colt   14 Mar 06 - 7:22 PM

Funny that MadeInExpressContest.com is not built by Express products but classic ASP <eye-rolling smile>

mike   14 Mar 06 - 7:33 PM

In the very fine print at the bottom, it says:

"This website hosted for Microsoft by Marden-Kane Inc."

I guess we don't insist that our vendors use ASP.NET. Although I somehow suspect they wouldn't hire vendors who don't even use MS products ... :-)