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January 26, 2005  |  RSS feed truncation: reader's choice  |  90717 hit(s)

Ok, this seems like a reasonable compromise to me. If you want to get the full, untruncated RSS feed, add the query string value full=true to the feed URL, thus:


I've actually added two switches. In Web.config I added a switch for default behavior, currently set to truncate. Then if it's truncated but you want full feeds, you can override it with the query string value. If you're using an aggregator, update the URL for the feed.

This will apply to categorized feeds also. For example, if you subscribe only to aspnet posts, the query string switch will still apply, like this:


Let me know if this works/doesn't work for you(-all).

Nikhil Kothari   26 Jan 05 - 11:15 PM

Works great... Thanks :-)