About Me

Your host: Mike Pope from Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. My interests, as you can see from this blog, have included ASP.NET and related Microsoft Web technologies, reading, home improvement, various kinds of music, software, writing, and editing. I'm interested both personally and professionally in languages. I've studied German and Spanish, and for fun I have a separate blog devoted to evolving English. I am a perpetual guitar student. (I've been a first-year beginner for many years now, to quote a fellow student.) I ride a Honda Shadow Phantom (750cc).

I'm a technical editor and technical writer. Until July 2012, I worked at Microsoft in the the Developer Division, specifically in the ASP.NET group. Since August 2012 I've worked at Amazon Web Services—that is, Amazon's cloud division. (You can see more about me in my LinkedIn profile.) Please see my disclaimer.

I occasionally teach classes at Bellevue College in their Technical Writing certification program. This includes classes in editing, using Microsoft Word, and blogging. I also contribute columns on language to the VisualThesaurus site.

About this blog

I created this blog not only to have a place to journal about whatever manner of topics, but as an exercise in working with ASP.NET and the original (2002) version of Web Matrix. The code was written in Visual Basic. It is way, way overdue for a rewrite using a more recent version of ASP.NET. Real Soon Now.