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August 03, 2015  |  We'd better document that  |  5068 hit(s)

From my daughter, another example of poor design patched by documentation.

Who imagined that a) having an unlabeled numeric scale was a good idea, and b) you move the knob to the right for "colder"?

Let's at least fix the first problem, shall we? Like this:

We can't use documentation to fix the problem of having to dial "more cold." But at least we don't to print a frickin' manual right on the freezer.

Update 4 Aug 2015 In response to Hal's comment, here's an improved design that even has redundancy for those who aren't sensitive to color differences.

Hal Wyman   04 Aug 15 - 6:18 AM

To me the two lines imply a two-position switch. I think better would be an unlabeled arc with a warmer and colder label at the ends. That way it is clear that there is a continuum of settings.

mike   04 Aug 15 - 7:54 AM

Are you sure you don't mean that you'd print text on the freezer itself with this information? ;-)

Sean Bentley   19 Aug 15 - 11:33 AM

I'd also argue that, at least in left-to-right-oriented locales, the notion that cold is on the right seems odd. It's following the hardware-based idea that you are "adding" coldness - even though you're ostensibly looking at a thermostat, where cold is typically at the bottom (left) of the scale.

mike   19 Aug 15 - 1:50 PM

@Sean -- I totally agree. If the UI people were to have gotten a chance to comment on the initial design, I bet they would have argued that as well.