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July 09, 2013  |  10 year blogaversary  |  5513 hit(s)

Jeez, I totally missed it: this blog just turned 10—my first entry was on June 27, 2003. I had previously used Livejournal but found that (at the time) they had no search facility. And I needed a coding project to accompany a writing project I was on, and hey, how hard could it be?

The entries have wandered around a bit through coding, writing and editing, family news, and other topics (see the Categories list over there on the left). This has reflected, among other things, job changes. The blog has also accreted a variety of blogging-related features, like a blogroll, trackbacks, an RSS feed, a Google AdSense box, a Facebook Like button, and so on—a microcosmic revue of blogging trends.

The actual code that runs the blog is a rat's nest, tho as recently as this weekend I was still poking around in it to make changes. (I would never wish that onto anyone else, gah.) Nonetheless I find it fun even now to wallow around in the code and add some small improvement.

What a learning experience it's been.

The volume has fallen off, as happens. I have a couple of other, more-focused blogs, and I contribute to a gang blog at work. And there's Facebook. One thing that hasn't changed is my tendency toward blather. Thank goodness there's the Internet, eh? :-)

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