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May 07, 2012  |  More dubious guidance  |  4910 hit(s)

Normally I am interested in product instructions that are of dubious utility, let's say. (Previous) Today, tho, I ran across more of a wtf moment. My wife bought a new iron over the weekend. The cover of the instruction manual makes this interesting offer:

In case you can't see it clearly, the manual for a steam iron is suggesting that we visit the manufacturer's site for "delicious recipes." I mean, I've heard of a flat iron steak, but I didn't realize that this is what they meant. Iron chef?

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Nancy   08 May 12 - 9:21 AM

What, you've never made a grilled cheese sandwich on an iron?

(I was sure you were going to ding Hamilton Beach for the non-parallel structure.)

mike   08 May 12 - 10:02 AM

Well, now that you point out the unparallel structure ...

>you've never made a grilled cheese sandwich on an iron?

I have not, but I'm beginning to get the impression that a lot of people have. Now I kinda want to try it.

David Scrimshaw   08 May 12 - 11:44 AM

You can also do bacon and eggs.


mike   08 May 12 - 11:57 AM

Man, I am definitely going to have to visit the website to get recipes for this thing.

gck   08 May 12 - 1:37 PM

Haha, awesome :)

Katie   17 Aug 14 - 12:46 PM

Another article on cooking on steam irons: http://bestreviews.com/top-steam-irons#steam-iron-cooking

Look at how they cook different foods, and even make s'mores using the iron holes to hold the marshmallow sticks LOL!