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October 18, 2011  |  Installing version 1 of WebMatrix after installing WM2 beta  |  3369 hit(s)

The beta version of WebMatrix 2 was put out for public consumption around the time of the //build/ conference in September. Very nice.

However, installing WebMatrix 2 beta makes it harder to install (reinstall) the WebMatrix 1 (actually, 1.1), should you ever need to do that. (I did recently.) If you go to the download page and try to install the non-beta version of WebMatrix you won't get it, even if you carefully and explicitly don't choose the beta download option. You'll be offered WebMatrix 2 beta only.

Turns out this is due to the installer. WebMatrix is installed via Web Platform Installer (WebPI). When you install the Beta release, you first get an updated version of WebPI, and the updated version of WebPI knows only about the beta version of WebMatrix 2.

Anyway, long story short, if you've instaslled WebMatrix 2 Beta but for some reason need to reinstalled WebMatrix 1, you need to uninstall WebPI.

(Thanks to Chris Sfanos and his WebMatrix expertise for sorting this one out for me.)