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September 11, 2011  |  Labor-saving  |  4538 hit(s)

I had to cut a piece of plywood today. It had to be a clean cut, so I couldn't just rip through it by hand. Fortunately, I have a table saw to save me labor, so it only took about 14 minutes. Like this:
  1. Clear path to table saw: 3 minutes
  2. Wheel table saw out to driveway, unfold: 1 minute
  3. Find extension cord, plug in: 45 seconds
  4. Set blade height: 10 seconds
  5. Measure width, set fence, square fence: 1 minute
  6. Cut wood: 11 seconds
  7. Unplug saw, wind and stow cord: 30 seconds
  8. Fold table saw, wheel back into garage: 1 minute
  9. Find broom, sweep up sawdust: 2 minutes
  10. Put crap back in garage in front of table saw: 2 minutes

JaAG   13 Sep 11 - 12:14 PM

I have a dedicated space for my table saw and it still takes me time to take all the crap off of it; crap that was stacked there after it's last use. You're doing okay.