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December 16, 2006  |  Windstorm  |  6988 hit(s)

Impressive windstorm. Estimated one million people without power in the Puget Sound area at the peak. Power is still not back for tens of thousands of people. By a stroke of luck, I got my power back today, which is a good thing, coz it's 36 degrees outside right now.

Here's a picture I took in my neighborhood.

Update 17 Dec 06 3:30p AFAIK, power is still out to a significant part of the MS campus, including the building that houses the servers that are of interest to my group. I couldn't be working even if I wanted to be. Which is just as well, because my main machine at home turned up dead -- at the moment, I'm guessing a bad power supply, but we'll see. Sheesh, what a mess.

Jenny   18 Dec 06 - 6:50 AM

Geez....reading the news about all this, I'm reminded of when Hurricane Wilma hit us (I live in FL)....my daughter and I were 5 days without power, water, or gas before the airport came back online and we were able to bug out for a few days. And too, I shudder when I read the dead-and-injured reports...we had lots of that as well. Good to know you are with power. I have friends in Issaquah and I hope for them power will be restored quickly.

Take care and be safe.